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Our products are designed for developments in the area of digital multimedia based on Windows platform. They will help developers create fast and reliable multimedia applications easily integrated in any infrastructure.

We are specializing in development of DirectShow filters and multimedia software. We have a great experience in this area as we are working hard in this direction since 2003 (, All of our filters are based on our own template library, which uses ATL and provides substitution for Microsoft DirectShow base classes. This library was developed in 2003 and has been improving ever since.

With DirectShow and other technologies, wide range of our products includes different splitterrs, decoders, encoders, mixers, special, network and freeware filters. They are all optimized for speed and available for integration into custom end-user applications. They support 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft OS Windows and are based on ATL COM-objects. One of the most notable feature of our products is smart and powerful usage of multithreading technologies.

Our products are already used in hundreds of applications all over the world. We provide quality technical support related to our products as well as with issues related to multimedia development.

All AVObject trial versions are identical to the licensed versions so you can fully evaluate, test and work with all our products before purchase. The trial versions also include free email technical support.