Adobe Flash

A popular media distribution technology from Adobe.


Adobe Flash is a multimedia technology developed and distributed by Adobe Systems. Flash is used primarily for two purposes:
  • adding animation and interactivity to web pages, including advertisements and games (via a scripting language called ActionScript);
  • integrating streaming audio and video into web pages.
With AVObjects' components, two new use cases have become available:
  • use Flash animation and ActionScript to design advanced screen layouts for broadcasting purposes: animated graphics, dynamic content (news tickers, weather, currencies, etc.) - with the Flash Overlay DirectShow Filter;
  • import Flash media (SWF and FLV files) into broadcasting applications, so that Flash content can be delivered to the consumer via traditional channels - see Flash DirectShow Source Filter.
All AVObjects' SDKs output stream in a way that it can be used as input for the Flash Media Encoder.